DEMHS Promotes Regional Groups

DEMHS Invests in Regional Disaster Recovery Groups

The Vermont Department of Emergency Management Homeland Security (DEMHS) awarded a $21,000 grant to Anne Duncan Cooley and Anne Goodrich, both of Upper Valley Strong, to provide consulting services in support of regional disaster recovery groups.  Consulting services will support Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COADs).  COADs coordinate local, regional, and national resources to help people recover from the impacts of disasters more quickly and effectively.

Three Regions Receive Benefits of Grant

The project focuses on three regional groups ; Windham region, southern Windsor, and Chittenden region.  The Southern Windham COAD in the Windham Regional Planning Commission region formed in summer of 2016.  The Precision Valley Disaster Recovery Group, a former Long Term Disaster Recovery Group, formed during Tropical Storm Irene in the Southern Windsor Regional Planning Commission region.  The Chittenden Regional Planning Commission region will create their very first COAD.  Consulting services will promote COAD growth; websites, phone lines, training programs, resources, and networking with like-minded organizations.  Services with also promote networking with regional, state, and national emergency management organizations to help these groups become more informed and involved with municipal disaster recovery.