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New Hampshire Testing Options
Call the COVID-19 Coordinating Office at 603-271-5980 to schedule a test
Find your location and register online at
Call ConvenientMD at 833-263-013

Alice Peck Day Testing for APD Service Area Residents
Visit Alice Peck Day’s site at  
Call APD to schedule an appointment 603-442-5665

Vermont Testing Options
Visit Vermont’s testing registration site at 
Call 2-1-1

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Staying Safe

Face Mask Best Practices

It is now recommended that that individuals should wear cloth facial masks, or coverings, if they need to leave their homes for essential purposes, like going grocery shopping or to the pharmacy, or outdoors if other people are nearby.

COVID-19 Winter Indoor Air Guidance for Public and Private Sectors

The following guidelines are for all indoor environments in both the private and public sectors. All guidance should be used in addition to people taking general prevention measures, such as wearing a face mask and keeping a 6 foot distance from others.