Irene Cottage Homes design booklet released

The IRENE COTTAGE HOMES are innovative new
homes developed for Vermonters rebuilding after
Tropical Storm Irene, or for those seeking affordable,
energy efficient homes anywhere in the state.

The homes were designed in response to the following challenge:

“Can we design a smarter house, a house that is smaller
but efficiently organized to minimize cost but maximize
the utility of space? A house that emphasizes energy
efficiency for comfort and livability at a lower cost? A
house that is attractive and adaptable to the changing
needs of a household? Can such a house be at home in
a rural setting, village or in-town neighborhood?”

The resulting homes incorporate Vermont values
of simplicity, efficiency, practicality, and are designed
for flexibility to produce a smarter affordable home
that can meet the changing needs of a household.

Designs include studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom homes.

See the flyer below for drawings, floor plans and more information.

Irene houses flyer(1)