Local Volunteers Help Flooded Homeowners

Thank You Local Volunteers

Thank you to everyone who connected with Upper Valley Strong last weekend to help flood impacted homes. Local volunteers really came through, donating their personal time to help others.

Teamwork is the Name of the Game
Working together, we were able remove flood debris from flooded basements that had been there for four weeks!  Our local volunteers worked for several hours, alongside skilled teams of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief,  to remove mud and other flood debris. Volunteers used hand tools, sheet rock buckets, wheelbarrows, and elbow grease to clean out the mud. The Southern Baptists’ team provided tools and site supervision for the projects. The American Red Cross donated water and snacks, more than enough for both sites.
Great Work, Greatly Appreciated
These two homes are now ready for further restoration and the homeowners are extremely grateful for our collective effort.  UV Strong is grateful to everyone who connected with us to help their neighbors hit by this latest disaster!
Next Phase of Disaster Recovery
Recovery efforts are now moving in to the next phase of disaster recovery. We are looking volunteers with experience in interior repairs such as hanging drywall, painting, and other such skills.  Please contact  UV Strong if you are interested in helping with interior repairs (or want to assist others) for flood-impacted homes.