Post Irene Rebuilding Continues in All Parts of Service Area

From the Upper Valley Strong Rebuild Coordination Group:

It was a week full of progress for families affected by Tropical Storm Irene.

In Rochester, way up on the side of Brandon Gap, at the headwaters of the White River, a family received funding for the first of three elements of their recovery: materials for skirting under their home. As the family lost their generator and had two bedrooms torn off in the flood, their recovery still has a ways to go.  A proposal seeking funding to bring lower cost electricity and to secure materials for rebuilding the two bedrooms has been submitted.

At the furthest downstream point in the Upper Valley Strong Long Term Recovery Committee’s service area, a family alongside the White River had their heating system repaired.  These folks are now working with Southeastern Vermont Community Action and Cover Home Repair to get their foundation repaired so that moisture levels can be controlled. This will make it so that the young grandchild living in the house can have dry floorboards and a healthful environment in which to grow.

Half way upstream, in Stockbridge, contractors are collaborating with Central Vermont Community Action, Vermont Technical College, Habitat for Humanity and Cover Home Repair to bring normalcy to a father/daughter residence that is newly constructed on stilts. The home was wired and will be getting its insulation and drywall the first week in February. A few weeks after that the volunteer and professional workers will put the finishing touches on so that the daughter can rejoin her father in a new residence.

Many other projects developing in our service area will be featured in future weeks. Check back on this blog for more details.