Rebuild from Irene Continues

This past week the Rebuild Coordination Group has delved into a few new projects and has been following up on ongoing projects.
An elderly woman and her (also) elderly son, living in Bethel, have water coming into their house as a result of Irene’s winds peeling up sections of their roof and chimney flashing. This has caused soggy sheetrock, high humidity levels, buckling floorboards and mold. A contractor has prepared an estimate for stopping the water from getting inside, and the family will be applying for assistance from COVER Home Repair, a White River Junction agency that assists with certain Irene related rebuild projects, to repair the interior issues.
Another family affected by Irene was granted funds to address an immediate risk of loss of transportation due to complications from Irene. This assistance resulted in the matriarch being able to accept a job and star provide for her family.
A Stockbridge family recently returned to their home, and UV Strong has applied for funds to assist with the final stages of their return to normalcy – getting the kitchen cabinets in.
A W. Hartford family has started the process of a complete rebuild of their home. UV Strong is providing initial seed money for a site survey, storage for personal items and architectural plans. This is the start of a much more extensive community-based project to rebuild this family’s home.
A second complete rebuild project in Plymouth has been identified, and UV Strong is assisting with coordination of contractors, designers, volunteer builders and the homeowners. This family is directly descended from Calvin Coolige’s ancestors!
UV Strong’s Rebuild Coordination Group also provided a tour to a Maryland-based volunteer building group planning to come to our service area this summer to “blitz build” two homes for family’s displaced by Irene.