Volunteers Help Area Homeowners with Mud Outs

Volunteers Respond to Call for Help

Volunteers Help with Disaster Recovery

Local volunteers help remove flood debris from flooded home.

Local volunteers responded to requests for help removing flood debris from two area homes.  These volunteers will join a group from the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief of New England, a Vermont Voluntary Organization Active in Disasters (VTVOAD).  UV Strong will provide support with equipment, water, and supervision to provide a safe environment for the volunteers.

UV Strong wants to thank these volunteers for their assistance and their time. We appreciate that, in this busy world, people still carve out time to help neighbors in need.  We live in a great region and we can pull together to help others in need.


Construction Help Needed

Others in our region need skilled volunteers to assist with addressing longer term issues; drywall replacement, painting, electrical, and removing flood debris from their properties. Please contact UV Strong if you can help these neighbors with construction-related needs. Your time and effort will help these people feel like others in our region care and want to help them out in time of need.